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Research Articles on Offbeat Topics

IN WRITING these articles I actually stooped to some amount of research, usually because I started looking something up and didn't know when to stop. While none of them will ever qualify for The Compleat Anachronist, they should cast at least a bit of informed light on some aspect of the SCA period or SCAdian life.

[Image link to Tigger Heraldry]

Tigger Heraldry — A class I have presented several times, inspired by the famous Tigger shield of Duke Sir Kane Redfeather.

[Image link to Dating in the SCA]

Dating in the SCA — (No, this isn't about how to pick up that cute Duchess or whether to kiss at the first event!) A primer on origins and usage of the Gregorian and SCA calendars, with tips and techniques for dressing up your SCA correspondence.

[Image link to On the Spelling of ''Cronicle'']

On the Spelling of "Cronicle" — After hearing some complaints about the peculiar title spelling on the shire newsletter, The Smythkepe Cronicle, I put together this little discussion of just how negotiable the spelling might be.

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