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"The Creative Mundane"

by Seamas Mac Daibhid

Last Updated April XLII (2008)

Part II: How to Outfit Mundanely

IN THIS INSTALLMENT, you will learn how keeping a good collection of mundane toys around can hold you nicely balanced in the mundane zone, even as you enjoy the tournament. Most of these suggestions are fairly easy to defeat, so you'll have to maintain a high level of apparent ignorance and thoughtlessness to pull them off.

As in dress, pick just a few of these ideas at a time. If you go too far overboard, nobody will believe you've made an effort to fit in, and even the people who just want to have fun will get cranky with you. Try to strike that perfect balance that keeps the authenticity mavens growling but doesn't draw the attention of the fun mavens.

First, forget about armor—anyone who's been in the SCA any length of time has seen enough ugly armor to sink a longship. You're unlikely to set any Society records there. Concentrate instead on your outfitting off the fighting field.

As you can readily observe, most people will bring an assortment of mundane items to an event, and people long in the SCA are experienced at ignoring the mundane. The trick is to keep your mundane bits right out in the open and obvious, instead of tucked away in your pouch, stored in your tent, or covered with a rug or cloth. Pop me a Coke, will you?

Disclaimer: "The Creative Mundane" is written and maintained by the dark side of my persona, a sour-faced, rough-voiced hermit who pesters innocent pilgrims with riddles. I disclaim all responsibility for anyone who takes his ravings seriously or who takes offense at his suggestions.

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