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"The Creative Mundane"

by Seamas Mac Daibhid

Last Updated April XLII (2008)

Part I: How to Dress Mundanely

IN THIS ARTICLE, you will learn how small details and accessories can keep that mundane edge on even the most amazingly period garb. A relatively unimportant item of garb can set an entire royal court on edge, preserving that comfortable margin of mundanity that allows you to pursue attractive members of the opposite sex and eat fantastic meals with a minimum of intellectual and philosophical effort.

Don't try to wear everything here; just pick a few things that suit your spirit. That way you can annoy Laurels and freak mundanes with the same attire. Avoid the obvious, like Levi's or cargo pants or OD greens or old prom dresses. The idea is to satisfy Corpora's requirement of "an attempt at pre-17th century clothing" while still preserving your mundane aura. And always stand ready, when set upon by ravening peers, to plead, "But I couldn't find my ______, Your Excellency!" or, "I left my ______ at Twelfth Night!" No reasonable person could expect you to simply wander around ______-less, now, could they?

Disclaimer: "The Creative Mundane" is written and maintained by the dark side of my persona, a sour-faced, rough-voiced hermit who pesters innocent pilgrims with riddles. I disclaim all responsibility for anyone who takes his ravings seriously or who takes offense at his suggestions.

From the Ground Up

Note: If you want a change sometime, try dressing up as your favorite character from Xena or your old Conan comic books. You won't look mundane, but you're still sure to aggravate every Laurel within spitting distance.

[By the way, thanks to Lady Siné ni Shranachain for her advice on the original version of this article; I'm something of a garb moron and her help was invaluable.]

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