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SEVERAL SELECTED ARTICLES on SCAdia are intended specifically for distribution within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). These articles are all marked with the Permission to Share icon shown at right (with or without the PDF notation).

These articles may be reproduced and distributed in printed form at official or unofficial activities of the SCA or reprinted in official or unofficial SCA publications without prior permission, provided that they are reproduced in their entirety including the copyright notice.

These selected articles are (or shortly will be) available for download in PDF format, well-formatted for printing on 8½"x11" (A-size) paper. These PDF files are for printed distribution only; they may not be distributed by any electronic means. Please do not copy them to any other website, distribute them by email or other electronic transmission, or post them on any newsgroups, feeds, or bulletin boards. Instead, please post a link back to the website.

[Image link to Running a Game Competition PDF file]

Running a Game Competition — A guide for using period and period-style games as a competitive activity for your group's next event.

[Image link to The Librarian's Challenge PDF file]

The Librarian's Challenge — A quiz (rather more difficult than I intended) excerpted from Smythkepe's thirteenth Quest, presented at Midsummer Knight's Dream XV in AS XLII.

[Image link to Practical Site Heraldry PDF file]

Practical Site Heraldry — My most significant class and article. A general guide on surviving as an event herald, with a special section on [threatening drum roll] wakeup calls.

[Image link to Dating in the SCA PDF file]

Dating in the SCA — (No, this isn't about how to pick up that cute Duchess or whether to kiss at the first event!) A primer on origins and usage of the Gregorian and SCA calendars, with tips and techniques for dressing up your SCA correspondence.

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