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The Librarian's Challenge - Solved

by Seamas Mac Daibhid

[Icon for permission to reproduce and distribute] First Presented at MSKD XV, September XLII (2007)
Last Updated April XLII (2008)
See the main article for a link to a PDF version.

MATCH each occupation to its description.

G. Almoner A. Adds feathers to arrows
O. Arkwright B. Builder of musical instruments
K. Austringer C. Builder of wagons
R. Cambist D. Charcoal-burner
S. Catchpole E. Dealer in fine cloth
J. Chapman F. Digger of mines and trenches
D. Collier G. Distributes charity to the poor
N. Cooper H. Groom or stable-boy
W. Cordwainer I. Harness-maker
M. Cutler J. Itinerant merchant
X. Farrier K. Keeper of hawks (not falcons)
L. Fewterer L. Keeper of hunting hounds
A. Fletcher M. Knife-maker
Z. Fuller N. Makes barrels and buckets
Y. Gonfalonier O. Makes chests and coffers
I. Knacker P. Makes roofs with straw and rushes
B. Luthier Q. Military road-builder and engineer
U. Manciple R. Money-changer
E. Mercer S. One who arrests debtors
H. Ostler T. Paints red letters in manuscripts
Q. Pioneer U. Purchaser of food and provisions
T. Rubricator V. Repairs kettles and pans
F. Sapper W. Shoemaker and leather worker
P. Thatcher X. Shoes and tends the feet of horses
V. Tinker Y. Standard-bearer
C. Wainwright Z. Walks cloth to make it firmer

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